Call for 2017 – 2018 Interior Design Association & ASID Student Chapter Leadership

Interested in getting more involved? volunteer It’s that time of year for nominations & elections for our CCBC Interior Design Association (IDA) & CCBC Student Chapter of the American Society of

Interior Designers (ASID).  CCBC IDA and the ASID CCBC student chapter share the same presidencies.  If you are interested in any of the open positions President-elect, Secretary  and/or Treasurer (descriptions listed below) please send an email to Darlene “Dee” Rollins or Laura Kimball by March 13, 2017.  After nominations are received, voting to follow online.

Eligibility: The candidates will need to commit to the responsibilities of that position, attend IDA/ ASID meetings and CCBC SGA meetings, follow protocol from SGA and ASID, and promote membership and activity in the student organizations and events.

  • Candidates must be a CCBC student (the CCBC IDA is open to all CCBC students and is free to join through CCBC Student Government Association (SGA))
  • Candidates must be an Interior Design Major.
  • Candidates must be an ASID student member (ASID Student membership is part of the professional ASID organization and requires application and annual dues)

Benefits: Leadership Opportunities, Professional Development, Resume Builder, Networking Connections with National and Local Professionals & Organizations.

Position Synopsis: (see also ASID Student Chapter Positions pdf)

President: Nodji Mayou is our current President-elect and will assume the office of president for the 2017-2018 school year  Responsibilities: Attends SGA meetings, attends SGA and ASID leadership training programs, leads student chapter, runs student meetings and events, represents student members and communicates directly with Advisor, CCBC SGA, ASID SRB, SAC and ASID headquarters, delegates responsibilities to board members and committee chairs oversees strategic planning.

President-elect: OPEN POSITION! (commitment for 2 years – 1st year as President Elect, second year as President) Responsibilities: Supports and works closely with the student president in all areas, prepares for and becomes president the following year, focuses on chapter internal and external communications, Attends SGA meetings, attends SGA and ASID leadership training programs, participates in strategic planning, and other duties as delegated.

Secretary: OPEN POSITION! (1 year commitment)  Responsibilities: Keeps records of all meetings and events, maintain membership records, coordinates logistics of meetings and events, participates in strategic planning, attends SGA meetings.

Treasurer: OPEN POSITION! (1 year commitment)  Responsibilities: Manages student accounts, maintains accurate accounts of chapter events, prepares budget and makes financial reports, participates in strategic planning, attends SGA meetings.

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