Interior Design Degree Options

CCBC offers two degree options in Interior Design:

Which degree option do I follow?
CCBC interior design students come with a variety of backgrounds.  See the descriptions below to determine the best courses, degree and path to follow:

    • Beginning Students: Students who are just starting their college experience or have no prior completed college degrees. These students are:  (1) seeking to begin and complete their Associates Degree or Certificate at CCBC or (2) seeking to begin at CCBC and then transfer on to a Bachelor’s degree program (students intending to transfer will follow the associates degree path).
    • Transfer Students: Students from another interior design program looking to complete their degree or certificate at CCBC.  Transfer credits must be approved and applied.  Only courses that meet the same required course outcomes may be transferred toward the degrees.
    • Students with Prior Degrees: Students who have an Associates, Bachelors, Masters, or PhD in another field and are going back to school for enhanced learning, a new specialty, and/or career change.  Students will follow the certificate path, however will graduate with the AAS degree.  Students with a prior Bachelors (or higher) degree may consider transferring from CCBC to a first-professional Interior Design Masters Program for further degree opportunities.
    • Non-INTD-degree seeking students: These students are not interested in completing an Interior Design degree or certificate, however are interested in taking interior design courses.  Note: To take an INTD course for college credit or to audit a course the student can enroll in: INTD 101: Intro to Interior Design. Additional INTD courses may be taken with the appropriate prerequisites or with approval from the INTD program coordinator.  Interior Decorating courses are also available through CCBC continuing Education (CEED).
    • Interior Design and Architecture Professionals: Professionals who have a prior degree in Interior Design looking to enhance, hone, or develop additional skills through additional courses and specialties. Some of these courses may be taken through CCBC continuing education and economic development CEED as CEUs.  INTD prerequisites may be waived with approval from the INTD program coordinator.

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